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Bondford offers data, analytical tools and proven processes that enable you to define, achieve and demonstrate best practice in FX dealing

Data Driven

Make intelligent decisions by leveraging our proprietary pre and post trade TCA software


Zero revenue generated from transactional FX business, removing any conflict of interest


The Bondford teams are specialists in developing FX execution strategies and policies

No data. No advantage.

There is no shortage of FX counter-parties, venues and products in the market, each claiming to offer some form of ‘unique’ value.

Firms are disadvantaged by a lack of access to reliable, independent market data, analytical tools and expert advice to evaluate FX offerings fairly, make informed decisions and address key challenges.

  • Without the ability to consistently monitor execution costs, it becomes impossible to make fair comparisons between different offerings and quantifiy improvements to execution quality. Firms without FX TCA tools typically suffer from inconsistent, uncompetitive pricing.

  • Given the highly fragmented and often significantly overestimated liquidity, executing large FX orders can prove costly.  Executing parties also incur the risk of leaking information about the intent, urgency or size of any order which may negatively affect pricing.

  • Post the 2008 financial crisis, there is increased emphasis on reviewing the credibility of counterparts, particularly when entering into OTC FX derivative contracts where there is default risk. Monitoring counterparty credit risk can be time consuming and requires access to expensive data sources.

  • Clients often have a requirement to post initial and variation margin on derivative instruments. Finance professionals can therefore face unexpected liquidity impacts when having to post collateral with their counterparties. This is capital which could be better used for other operational or investment needs.

  • MiFID II and Dodd-Frank regulations require investment firms to define, achieve and demonstrate best execution. Without complying, firms can face significant fines.

How we can help

Save time

Reduce time-intensive counterparty review and selection processes

Reduce costs

Add value to your bottom line through intelligent, efficient, trade execution

Mitigate risks

Comply with MiFiD II and Dodd-Frank rules whilst reducing liquidity and counterpark risk

Make smarter decisions

Navigate increasingly fragmented FX liquidity, reduce market impact and monitor counterparty performance

If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.

H. James Harrington

We’re experts in FX execution

We used to sit on the other side of the table. Now we sit on yours.

Through thousands of client engagements, we understand that many businesses lack the internal resource and expertise to put in place, then administer, an effective FX execution policy.

With 30+ years experience in the foreign exchange markets, we deliver comprehensive plans that will serve your business now and for many years to come.


Advising on significant annual FX flows


Average client saving


Experience working with most CCYs


Zero revenue from transactional FX

Our FX Best Execution Process

  • Focused on your requirements

    Using a purpose built discovery process, we sit down with you to define your FX execution objectives and priorities.

  • Finding the right solution

    We screen a range of appropriate FX counterparties, venues, and products to produce a short list for detailed evaluation, then present you with our reccomendations.

  • Putting the strategy to work

    We allocate trading volume across the reccomended counterparties, products and/or venues in a manner that facilitates a comprehensive, fair evaluation process.

  • Measuring performance

    Applying Bondford’s pre and post trade transaction cost analysis (TCA) software, we measure and assess the execution quality of the selected counterparties, venues, and products.

  • Reflect, refine, repeat

    We document execution performance, both individually and in aggregate, in order to reflect on strategy performance, provide broker feedback and to identify further opportunities for improvement.

Your FREE,
How To Guide

Developing an FX Policy for your business

The heartbeat of any FX strategy should be objective. By following the 3 key stages identified in this guide, you can clearly setout the purpose of your company FX Policy.

Why must you act now?

What risk do you take by not monitoring the cost of your FX transactions?
What impact are those costs having on your revenue and margins?
Are you tying up cash unnecessarily in collateral that could be used better?
How do you fulfil your fiduciary duty to shareholders, management and clients?

Getting started with FX advisory

01. Book a call

We want to learn more about you. Your unique goals and objectives, any challenges you face, and initiatives that you have in mind.

02. We will build you a bespoke FX strategy

With a firm understanding of your objectives, we’ll get to work at designing a best-in-class FX policy that will provide peace of mind to both you and your shareholders.

03. Grow your business

With less time spent thinking about the currency market, you’ll have more time to focus on your core business.