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We design bespoke, systematic FX hedging and execution solutions that help to protect profits in volatile markets

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The Challenge

The importance of FX risk management has grown significantly over the years, driven by international expansion, heightened market volatility, and regulatory and accounting changes.

Treasurers are recognizing the need to be more active and disciplined when monitoring and managing their FX exposures, but this process can be time-consuming, stressful and overwhelming.

Without a clearly defined plan, poor decisions can undermine your organization’s profitability and credibility, as well as your own reputation with management and shareholders.

  • Without a systematic, data driven approach to currency risk management, decisions continue to be based on emotion and sentiment. This causes inconsistency in performance, and decision making fatigue.

  • Many firms end up trading FX based on emotion and guesswork, attempting to add value to their P&L by timing trades correctly. This approach endorses acting as an FX trader, not a risk manager, and can ‘add’ rather than reduce volatility in the income statement.

  • Many corporates set their budget rates and execute most, if not all of their hedges for the entire year at the beginning of the fiscal calendar, without consideration for where exchange rates will be when the hedges mature. This “fire and forget” approach can create a “cliff edge” effect where company’s often need to adjust pricing with clients and suppliers or face negative impacts to their profit margins and bottom line.

  • Can you trust a 3rd party who’s profitability is directly related to the product or strategy they recommend? Have you had an independent adviser review the efficacy of your risk management strategy and execution quality?

Our Services


Measure and evaluate currency risk, design an effective, bespoke hedging strategy that accurately meets objectives, and report on the results.


Access our pre & post-transaction cost analysis software and proprietary market data to continually benchmark, monitor and improve execution performance.


Leverage our global derivatives market experience and independent positioning to negotiate fair and competitive terms with counterparties.


Assistance with FX hedging or execution policy documentation, hedge documentation, performance reports, ISDA agreements, and any other regulatory needs.


Co-ordination with both internal and external shareholders, management and key persons to ensure a group-wide understanding of FX strategy.


Independent auditing and valuation of open hedge transactions, removing the reliance on banks and other 3rd parties for provision of fair values.


Support with implementing hedge accounting processes that can help to reduce or neutralize income statement volatility.

How we can help

Simple, effective and measurable processes for managing corporate and institutional foreign exchange risk.

Re-gain control

Control and manage FX volatility with minimal effort

Protect the bottom line

Safeguard profits, increase YoY earnings stability & enterprise value

Improve cash-management

Improve forecast accuracy and maximise returns on free cashflow

Grow your business

Systematic processes that reduce guesswork and enable you to spend more time on your core business

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Getting started with FX advisory

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02. We will build you a bespoke FX strategy

With a firm understanding of your objectives, we’ll get to work at designing a best-in-class FX policy that will provide peace of mind to both you and your shareholders.

03. Grow your business

With less time spent on hedging decisions you’ll have more time to focus on your core business.